The Delirians are the heavy hitters of Californias ever growing traditional ska and reggae scene. Based out of East Los Angeles, founder Angel Salgado(vox,guitar) strives to keep that vintage reggae sound alive. With tracks like "Walkie Talkie" and "Leave This Town" you'll be sure to hear reflections of that vintage 60's era sound, adding their own flavour to create a genuinely unique sound. 
But it doesn't stop there. The Delirians will also keep you skanking with original ska tunes and keep you grooving to some heavy rocksteady. With the approval of artists such as Pat Kelly, Stranger Cole, The Jamaicans, the Pioneers (just to name a few), The Delirians are thee band to keep an eye out for.

Brian Gazo: Percussions / Vocals

Ruben Durazo: Trombone
Jesse Gomez: Lead Guitar / Vocals 
Angel Salgado: Rhythm Guitar / Vocals 
Eric Alvarez: Drums 
Josh Chang: Bass 
Warren Huang: Tenor Sax 
Dan Loren: Trumpet / Vocals